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Our mission is to provide Infants & Toddlers with continuous opportunities to learn and grow in an eco-friendly and holistic environment. We encourage independence and foster an environment, which is developmentally appropriate, stimulating and creative. We will achieve our mission through your child’s daily interactions with committed, educators who are equipped with the knowledge to support each step of development and help expand your child’s learning.

What to Expect

Upon entering a Infant & Toddler Nursery room, children’s engagement with materials & communication is immediately visible. Our staff is committed to organizing classrooms based on the needs of individual children. With an abundance of eco-friendly and intellectually stimulating materials as well as furniture that invites individual and group interaction, we believe in teaching methods that allow children to discover at their own pace. The integrity of each child as a classmate, learner, and teacher is greatly valued and strongly reinforced.

Diversity and Multiculturalism

In a society which is ever changing and highly multicultural, we recognize the importance of retaining children, families and faculty from diverse cultural backgrounds. We encourage our faculty to create experiences, which will allow infants & toddlers to make discoveries about themselves as well as their peers. Our approach to learning celebrates each child and their culture.

Daily Schedules

At the Infant & Toddler Nursery, the classroom is the center stage for all learning activities. One of the most important steps in development is feeling confident enough to take risks. To step outside of our comfort zone and have experiences which promote growth and meaningful habits of a successful lifelong learner. We believe that it takes a multitude of personalities and educators to be able to build this confidence in a child. This why throughout the day infants and toddlers will interface with a team of educators and caregivers that are specifically equipped for each area of development with our children. Needs of our Infants and Toddlers are based on the individual schedules implemented at home. In addition to nutrition and hygiene, teachers will focus on activities that encourage development in areas such as language & literacy, science, math, social studies, library, music, physical education, art and theatre.

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