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Highlands Village
572 Allen Road
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Highlands Village
572 Allen Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

About Our Classrooms

About Our

About Our Classrooms

We are now OPEN!
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Please contact us today via email at or call us at 908-326-6919 for any questions regarding enrollment.

Our Classrooms

Mother Nature

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(Infant Room Level 1) 6 weeks - 7 months

Mother Nature was designed to promote & encourage each individual as they develop a sense of the world around them. Some of many daily activities include, social play, music & story time, & group activities such as stretch & grow, tummy time, as well as, free exploration & movement.

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Mother Earth I

(Infant Room Level 2) 7 months - 12 months

Mother Earth I was designed to meet the needs of the exploratory infant. Some of many activities include obstacle courses, crawl tunnels, art, music and language  development.

Mother Earth II

(Infant Room Level 2) 7 months - 12 months

Mother Earth II will continue to build upon the first stage of infancy skills. Babies will continue to explore sensory and movement skills. Consistent engagement with music and story time allow for babies to increase their language development.

Toddler Galaxy

(Infant transition Room) 12 months -18 months

In Toddler Galaxy young toddlers explore greater challenges. This room is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing babies who are not yet ready for a pre-school academic schedule. Here older babies will continue to strengthen their abilities. Teachers use an inclusive curriculum, which is developmentally appropriate.

Rainwater Reef

(Toddler Room) 18-24 months

In Rainwater Reef toddlers will engage in a multitude of sensory tools, such as water, sand and art. Toddlers will continue to be introduced to inclusive curriculum such as our comprehensive manners and etiquette program.

Tiny Turtle Academy

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